FHE is hosting a worldview workshop led by Summit Ministries of Colorado on the topics surrounding Biblical worldview on sexuality and gender. www.summit.org Sessions are open to students at least 13 years of age and in 7th-12th grades and their parents. Small groups will be divided up with a parents only group and teen boys meeting separately from teen girls
The conference will be held Friday evening, April 23, and all day Saturday, April 24, 2021 at Friends Baptist Church, 1840 Lewisville-Clemmons Road, Clemmons. Pre-registration is now open. Cost to attend will be $20 per student and $10 for one or both parents in a family. Lunch items listed below are optional and include water. Pre-registration will close April 16th. Late registrations will also be taken at the door, but prices will be $30 for students and $15 per married couple. Questions about this event may be sent to the FHE Board at




Friday, April 23, 2021

○ 6:00p — Registration and check-in
○ 7:00p — Session 1: Atheist Encounter (Tripp Almon)
○ 7:45p — Break
○ 8:00p — Session 2: The War and Christianity (Tripp Almon)
○ 9:00p — Small Groups

Saturday, April 24, 2021
○ 8:00a — Session 3: The Case for Life (Megan Almon)
○ 9:15a — Break
○ 9:30a — Session 4: The Case Against Relativism (Megan Almon)
○ 10:30a — Break
○ 10:45a — Session 5: What Does it All Mean? (Jason Jimenez)
○ Noon — Lunch and Q&A with Speakers
○ 1:30p — Session 6: Can You Be Gay and Transgender and Still Be a Christian? (Jimenez)
○ 2:30p — Break
○ 2:45p — Session 7: Five MUST DOs When Helping an LGBTQ Person (Jimenez)
○ 3:45p — Break
○ 4:00p — Small Groups

Speaker Bios:
1. Megan Almon has been a speaker and writer with the Life Training Institute since 2009. She
travels around the nation teaching students how to make a reasonable and persuasive case for
the pro-life view and the Christian worldview, and how to defend their views winsomely in the
marketplace of ideas. Topics include The Case for Life, and The Case Against Relativism.


2. Tripp Almon serves as the Director of Programs for Summit Ministries. His passion for
educating students in the areas of Christian theology, worldview, and apologetics grew in large
part from growing up in a Christian home and then struggling profoundly with the tidal wave of
cultural ideas that engulfed him as he entered a secular university. Thankfully, his experience
taught him that Christianity not only stands in the marketplace of ideas — it soars. Topics
include Atheist Encounter, and Understanding the Christian Worldview.


3. Jason Jimenez is the founder of Stand Strong Ministries. He is a pastor, apologist, and national
speaker who has ministered to families for nearly twenty years. In his extensive ministry career,
Jason has been a Children’s, Student, and College Pastor, and has spent a great deal of time
investing in marriages, families, and helping churches have a greater impact in their
communities. Topics include What Does it All Mean?, Can You Be Gay and Transgender and Still
Be a Christian?, and Five MUST DOs When Helping an LGBTQ Person.