June 1st through July 31st Early Bird registration is only $20.

Full membership to FHE for one year. This includes the online newsletter (not the physical copy), access to hidden sections of the website, discounts and/or free admission to some events, and more.

Eligibility Requirements: All members of FHE must:

  • 1. Submit a membership application and pay the membership dues.
  • 2. Agree to respect and honor the FHE Statement of Faith.
  • 3. Agreed to abide by the FHE Adult Code of Conduct and the FHE Student Code of Conduct.
  • 4. Meet one of the following conditions:
    • a. A household that has a child or all children of pre-compulsory school age OR
    • b. A Homeschooling Household that is registered with the NC Division of Nonpublic Education (NCDNPE) OR
    • c. A household with at least one homeschool graduate.