Advertising Rates

  • Full Page – $50
  • 1/2 Page – $30
  • 1/4 Page – $10
*The ad. costs above include basic design, if needed, or send your own custom design. Please use a  jpg or png format.
  •  Highlighted Ad – $5

The “Highlighted Ad” is the most flexible, and the editor can include class schedules every month in this category. It will be framed or highlighted in order to set it off from the other ads and from FHE articles. It may include small graphics and/or a framed “set off” portion of the page. This may include up to 25 lines of your copy. Articles which are more than 25 lines, may be edited for space.

Discounted yearly rates are available. The “Highlighted Ads” cost is $40 for all ten months. (vs. $50 if each month is paid for separately)

Free Membership Ad: This advertisement includes up to 8 lines of copy and may include a small graphic, if room allows

*If any advertisement requires additional lines, more may be approved at the discretion of the Editor when necessary to maintain a clean layout. The Editor reserves the right to refuse or alter copy, if needed.

FREE Resource Listing

This printable file will be available at the FHE website to all our members. They will be able to refer to your contact information throughout the school year. This resource listing is free to members and advertisers. FHE will include your contact information and list the services you provide with no cost to you.

* Inclusion in this listing does not constitute FHE endorsement or sponsorship. It is intended as a reference only.

Homeschool Journal Articles

Please let me know if you would be willing to be “interviewed” for an article for our newsletter sometime this year. I will email interview questions if you are interested. We want to highlight the people who enrich our home education programs. We would appreciate the opportunity to let our members know about your experience and the services and products you provide.

Advertising Orders

Fill the form out below to place an order for an ad or click here

Email the editor at with questions or concerns. Please refer questions about the newsletter and advertisements to the Editor at the above email.

To Order Advertising By Mail

Print order sheet below. Complete it and mail payment with a copy to the FHE Treasurer at the address on the form. Please email the newsletter editor with the details of your ad by the 15th of the month prior to publication.

Advertising Order Form

Advertising Examples

Half Page & Full Page FHE Ad Sample

Quarter Page & Highlighted Advertising Examples