FHE Membership

FHE Full Membership is open to residents of Forsyth County, NC and the surrounding counties.

Each membership lasts for a school year and expires July 31st. Membership registration for the year of 2021-2022 is $20. An early bird special of $10 is currently running.

If you are renewing your membership and already have an FHE account, make sure you are logged in before continuing.

We recommend paying using our secure credit and debit card service, Stripe. Payments via check will be completed once we deposit them, which may be up to several weeks.

FHE Full Membership
$20 for access until July 31, 2022
To qualify for full FHE membership, you must live in Forsyth county or a bordering county.
Online Newsletter
Can play on FHE Sports teams
Free or discounted events
FHE Sports Affiliate
$20 for access until July 31, 2022
Available to those who do not qualify for Full Membership, but wish to participate in FHE Sports.
Can play on FHE Sports teams