Member Agreement

By signing up for membership to Forsyth Home Educators (FHE), you agree to:

  1. respect Christian principles (listed in Article VI of the FHE By-Laws) AND
  2. honor the ideals of home education AND
  3. do not solicit members or abuse given information AND
  4. abide by the Standards of Conduct as established by the Board.

In addition, you agree to assume full responsibility for any Accident/Medical Insurance needed to cover you or your family member in the case of accidental injury, or the like, while you or your family member is attending any FHE-sponsored event. You will not hold Forsyth Home Educators (FHE) responsible in any manner for injury. You give Forsyth Home Educators (FHE) permission to use photos taken at FHE events for publicity – including but not limited to the FHE newsletter, on the FHE website, and other media outlets.