Job Description: FHE Homeschool Journal Editor

The FHE Newsletter Editor reports to the Vice President of the FHE Board.

The newsletter is published 10 times a year during the months of August – May. It is a benefit listed in the FHE By-Laws for our membership.

The monthly cycle of the newsletter is as follows:

20th of the month – Deadline for all entries into the newsletter for the following month

23rd of the month (approximate) – newsletter to the proofreaders

27th of the month (approximate) – corrections received back from the proofreaders

28th of the month (approximate)—newsletter uploaded to website

The purpose of the FHE Homeschool Journal is to keep members informed of current events and announcements and to highlight FHE events, sports teams, clubs, etc. Items coming from Board members take priority in appearing in the newsletter.



  • Save, organize and edit announcements received by email and attachments
  • Follow up on details of announcements and articles as needed
  • Format and layout articles and ads in Microsoft Word (or preferred processing program)
  • Obtain pictures of FHE events via email, Facebook, or Instagram for inclusion in newsletter.
  • Update the template for the newsletter as needed (i.e. when inserting a full page ad, ballot, registration form needs to be added, etc.)
  • Update dates & information on regularly occurring FHE activities – Sports Committee, Skating, Board Meetings, Mom’s Night Out, Teen Scene, Kids Club, etc.
  • Update the Sports Contact listing (check the Sports website for the most up to date listing each month)
  • Keep online Resource Page updated
  • Track the calendar for regular yearly events included in the newsletter i.e. Dixie Classic Winners, Senior Bios, Board Elections       (current editor will update this and make sure the new editor gets a copy)  
  • Direct the schedule and workflow for the newsletter and the proofreaders
  • Email members regarding newsletter deadlines and the upload of the newsletter.
  • Respond to emails to let senders know their submission was received.
  • Respond to questions from contributors, subscribers, and advertisers
  • Respond to issues for members (not knowing how to access the newsletter online etc.)

Most of the above activities are accomplished by email, but phone calls are sometimes received.


Average Time Spent Per Month on Newsletter:  8-10 total monthly hours

Emails (sending & receiving) – 1 hour per month (possibly more in July for August issue)

Sourcing Material/Writing Announcements – 1 hour per month

Editing articles/verifying info/checking links – 4 hours per month

Design/Formatting – 1 hour (more time for Senior Bios Page in May)

Advertising (creating/inserting) – 30 minutes-1 hour

Final Formatting of newsletter – 2 hours

Grammar/Spelling/Dates/Etc. check – 30 minutes before submitting to proofreaders

Total emails received each month averages around 30. The August issue usually generates more than the average emails.


Newsletter Ads

Advertising Rates:

  • Full Page – $50
  • 1/2 Page – $30
  • 1/4 Page – $10 (includes design, if needed, or send your own custom design)
  • NEW: Highlighted Ad – $5

Free Membership Ad: This advertisement includes up to 8 lines (approximate) of copy and may include a small graphic if room allows.

The “Highlighted Ad” is the most flexible, and the editor can include class schedules every month in this category. It will be framed or highlighted in order to set it off from the other ads and from FHE articles. It may include small graphics and/or a framed “set off” portion of the page. This may include up to 25 lines of your copy. Articles which are more than 25 lines, may be edited for space.

Discounted yearly rates are available. The “Highlighted Ads” cost is just $40 for all ten months. (vs. $50 if each month is paid for separately)

*If any advertisement requires additional lines, more may be approved at the discretion of the Editor when necessary to maintain a clean layout. The Editor reserves the right to refuse or alter copy, if needed.

Send applications and inquiries about this position to the FHE Board