Forsyth Home Educators will host a day of workshops on Saturday, January 26, 2019. Carol Becker and Vicki Bentley, both from HSLDA, will each be offering four workshops. This event will be held at Calvary West in Advance, NC. Doors will open at 9am. The cost is only $10.00 person or $15.00 per couple.

Calvary Baptist Church West Campus
136 Medical Drive 
Advance, NC 27006

Carol Becker is an educational consultant with experience running homeschool co-ops and tutoring students from middle school through community college.

Her four sessions will include:

Developing a Plan for High School: Sample Four-Year Plans 9:30-10:30

How do you plan a program for your homeschooled high school student? What subjects do you teach and when? Do you follow a basic high school plan, a general college prep plan, or a rigorous college prep plan? How do you evaluate credits? Determine grades for a course? What about a transcript and diploma? If you are just beginning to think about homeschooling during the high school years, this seminar will help you organize your thoughts and begin laying the groundwork for a viable four-year plan.

Essential Skills for Successful Teens:  Study and Time Management 10:45-11:45

The high school years are a prime opportunity to equip your teens with skills they will need for future success. If your teen is headed to college, the workforce, or the military, they will benefit from study and time management skills. This session provides parents with ideas to incorporate these skills into high school coursework and lists resources to help teens cultivate these essential skills.

Record Keeping for High School: Simplifying the Process 1:00-2:00

Why is documentation of high school course work important? Keeping good records does not need to be time consuming or burdensome—it will actually save you time and effort in the long run. In this workshop, you’ll learn how and when to track your student’s progress through high school.

The College Admissions Process: The Homeschooled Student’s Guide 2:15-3:15

You’re not just your teen’s teacher; you’re also his guidance counselor! Find out how to maneuver through the entire college admissions process—from narrowing down the selection of colleges to filling out college applications, applying for financial aid, and asking the right questions that will help you discern whether your teen is spiritually, academically, and emotionally prepared for college.


Vicki Bentley is an author, speaker, and homeschooling veteran with almost three decades of personal and professional experience in the homeschool world.

Her four sessions will include:

Getting Started Mid-year 9:30-10:30

Maybe you haven’t always homeschooled—you’re starting a few years in, or even mid-year. Can you start mid-year? What does it look like? Where do you begin? What should you expect? How can you ease the transition for all of you? This workshop answers these questions and more. Bring your questions.

Homeschooling on a Shoestring Budget 10:45-11:45

Homeschooling doesn’t have to cost hundreds of dollars per child. Vicki homeschooled seven at a time while their family was without a full-time income for four years, sometimes spending less than $100 per year. In this workshop, she shares some of her secrets to homeschooling on a tight budget.

Getting Kids to Help at Home: Training in Diligence and Thoroughness 1:00-2:00

Letting your children be more involved in helping at has some great benefits—both for training them in character and practical skills AND for your sanity! But where do you begin? This foster mom to over 50 children shares tips and practical helps that have enabled her to homeschool 17 children and still be able to open the front door to guests.

Hope for the Organizationally Challenged 2:15-3:15

“Help! I’m committed to homeschooling, but I’m feeling overwhelmed just by everyday life!” Have you ever felt like this?  For many of us, standard organizing suggestions don’t “stick,” and we wonder what’s wrong with us. In this workshop, Vicki shares some tools that have helped her (and other busy moms) homeschool and get dinner on the table . . . on the same day. (Even if you were “born organized,” you’ll glean a lot from this workshop!)