FHE Student Code of Conduct

(revised March 24, 2023)
I, __________________________________, agree to abide by the following code of conduct when attending all FHE Student Events:
(Please initial each statement)
______ Honor and respect adult leaders
______ Show respect and kindness through my words and actions to all students at the event.
______ Respect the property of all participants.
______ Respect the property and rules of the hosting facility. If a venue has additional rules they will be stated at the beginning of an event.
______ Modest and appropriate attire will be worn at all times.
I, __________________________________, agree to refrain from the following at all FHE sponsored events: (Please initial each
______ using profanity, saying offensive comments, or making offensive gestures or using hurtful language towards others.
______ possessing or using any type of alcohol and other illegal drugs.
______ possessing or using any type of tobacco products including smoking cigarettes, chewing tobacco, using vapes, and/or juuls.
______ carrying a weapon (real or toy) including guns and knives other than is applicable and necessary for the event. Examples:
airsoft or paintball guns, or Renaissance swords.
______ threatening, bullying, or physically fighting others.
______any public display of affection including kissing, excessive touching, or any sexual activity.
All violations of this code of conduct will be recorded by the FHE leadership and will result in the following disciplinary actions:
1) All offenses will be reported to the offender’s parents or guardians
2) Offenses are cumulative through the school year.
3) If an offense involves an illegal activity the proper authorities will be notified.
4) The first offense will result in a verbal warning to the offender.
5) The second offense will result in the offender being asked to leave the event and being removed from the event until a parent
or guardian arrives.
6) The third offense will result in a parent being required at all subsequent student events.
7) The fourth offense will result in the offender no longer being able to attend student events for the rest of the school year.
8) Additional disciplinary measures related to athletic activities are documented in the FHE Sports Athletic Handbook and the
FHE Sports Leadership Manual.
9) The FHE Board reserves the right to modify the penalties in special circumstances.
The Board is available to discuss any grievances with a student or parent or guardian. Contact the Board at fheboard@ncfhe.org
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