Saturday, May 18, 2024

2PM to 5PM

Hanes Baptist Church, 4210 Sabrina Lake Rd, Winston-Salem

$60 (plus $20 for optional yard sign) per graduate

Congratulations on your student’s graduation. This is a momentous occasion, not just for your child but for your entire family, as it reflects the culmination of years of hard work and a strong commitment to their growth and learning.

The FHE high school graduation is more personal than most graduation ceremonies since the parents of the graduates participate in the ceremony. Parents of graduates will read a blessing over their child, confer the degree, and hand the diploma to their graduate.
The length of the ceremony varies depending on the number of graduates. In past years the ceremony lasts about an hour and a half with another hour for the reception.

Elements of graduation include:

Slide show of graduates. Each graduate provides a 8-10 photos which are used to create a slide show of all the graduates. The slide show is shown before the ceremony begins as guests arrive.

Photographer. The photographer takes photos during the ceremony and the reception. All photos will be digitally available to participants after the ceremony.

Video of ceremony. The ceremony is recorded and provided digitally.

Rose for mom. A rose is presented by the graduate to their mother during the ceremony.

Small reception. A small reception with cake and other refreshments is held for all the graduates immediately after the ceremony.
Graduate tables. Each graduate is encouraged to provide a display that represents their educational and extracurricular accomplishments.

Yard Sign (optional). Graduates may order a yard sign which they may place in their yard to announce their accomplishment.
We plan on live streaming the graduation ceremony but cannot make that commitment at this time.

We plan on live streaming the graduation ceremony but cannot make that commitment at this time.

For More Information


Portion of ceremony by parents

 Slideshow using provided photos


Registering for Graduation – April 1

Registration for graduation will begin December 1, 2023 and end April 1, 2024. Families must be an FHE members to participate in the
FHE graduation. A link to register for the graduation will be emailed to families who attended an informational meeting. The registration will
request various information including:

  • Graduate’s full name and birth date
  • Parents’ names as they are to be listed in the program
  • School name
  • City of residence
  • Favorite quote
  • Favorite bible verse
  • Activities in high school
  • Fun fact or two
  • Favorite color

Photos – March 15 or as soon as possible

Graduates should digitally provide 8-12 photos that will be used in a slide show that will shown before the ceremony begins while the guests arrive. The photos should span the graduate’s life, highlight family favorite activities, and tell us something about the graduate through photographs.

Blessing – April 15

The blessing is written by the parents and will be read by a parent during the ceremony. The blessing should be no more than 300 words and
written to your student, not about your student. It should be in the first person and not in the third person. The father usually blesses the
graduate but if it is more comfortable the blessing can come from the mother. No siblings will be allowed on stage during the ceremony. If
your family has unique circumstances, please discuss them with the graduation coordinator.

Guest Count – April 29

Families are to email an estimate of the number of guests so that we can ensure there are enough seats at the ceremony and to plan the
reception. Please try to the limit the number of guests to less than 20.

Ceremony – May 18

Graduate Tables—The afternoon before and the morning of the ceremony, families may set up a table for the graduate. Each graduate will
have half of a 6-foot table to highlight his/her high school years. Each table will have a tablecloth but you are free to use a different cover.
Many students display photos on a trifold display board. Students also display items from their activities – trophies or ribbons earned, favorite books, artwork, anything that is a representation of the graduate’s activities during his/her school years – especially high school. Power is
not guaranteed but if you are able to find an outlet near your spot you will need to bring all the cords, etc. needed. Students will be assigned
tables in alphabetical order.

Rehearsal—The graduation rehearsal will be at 12PM. The graduate and parents involved in the ceremony are required to be in the rehearsal where will go through where everyone will sit and how the ceremony will be conducted.

Ceremony—The sanctuary will open 45 minutes before the ceremony which will begin promptly at 2PM. The parents should be seated before the ceremony begins and the graduates will be outside the sanctuary to walk in during the processional.

Reception—The reception will be held right after the ceremony. Guests will be served refreshments while they visit and view the graduates’ table displays. The reception tables will contain graduate display cards with information, such as their favorite quote and color, provided
during registration. The photographer will also be taking photos using the photo booth and candid’s.


Other Information

  • All FHE members with graduating high school seniors may have their graduate listed in the FHE Newsletter, Graduate Edition in June. They do not need to attend the FHE graduation.
  • Other homeschool organizations have graduations including co-ops and North Carolinians for Home Education (NCHE) .
  • The FHE graduation usually has 20 to 30 graduates.
  • FHE plans to live stream the graduation this year but cannot commit to providing the service at this time.
  • Families will need to provide their own diploma, cap, and gown for the ceremony. This year FHE would like all graduates to have the same color cap and gown. We will be provide resources to purchase graduation gear at a later date.
  • The pre-service slide show, photos taken by the photographer, and the video of the ceremony will be digitally provided a couple weeks after the service