Frequently asked questions about Homeschooling

How do I get the newsletter?

First login, then click on the newsletter tab and click the newsletter you want.  Old newsletters are kept in zip files. We find printing on your own is helpful to process so many details.

What is the publishing schedule for the newsletter?

The newsletter is published for 10 months, from August to May.  Deadline for submissions to the newsletter is the 20th of the month prior to publication, submitted to

Where do I find more information from the state?

(This includes opening your homeschool, logging into your NCDNPE account, forgetting your number or additional info).

What is available when I log into a homeschool account with the state?

These are the options that can be accessed through your account.

I’m a coach or have sports information I want on the site. Who do I contact?

Please send an email with the information to

I’m looking for information on sports options or a specific sport.

Please see  (or click on “Athletics” under which will take you to the site) for ALL updated sports information.   Coaches/managers per sport are under CONTACTS and are sorted by season. The tab marked UPCOMING SPORTS contains all the latest information regarding meetings, signups and tryouts.

Can you homeschool my child?

Homeschooling, by definition, is the education of children at home by their parents.

The mission of FHE is to connect homeschooling families with opportunities for growth and enrichment of the community. Homeschooling someone else’s child does not meet this definition nor the legalities. Please see our resource directory for co-ops and tutors that will help you on this exciting journey. North Carolina defines homeschooling as Home school – a nonpublic school consisting of the children of not more than two families or households, where the parents or legal guardians or members of either household determine the scope and sequence of academic instruction, provide academic instruction and determine additional sources of academic instruction. There is much more legal information at or

I am pulling my child out of public school. Can you recommend someone to homeschool my child?

 Thank you for contacting FHE.  We are a support group that provides workshops, speakers, events, socials, and other resources to assist homeschool families in their journey.  While membership to FHE does provide members with a resource list of co-ops, classes, and tutors available to the local homeschool community, we cannot recommend individuals to homeschool your student exclusively.

See the above question about the definition of a homeschool.  It is permissible for another family to educate another child or children from one other unrelated family under their homeschool.  Since you have felt led to remove your child from the public school, perhaps you can let your need be made known through your local church, or through individuals you know who currently homeschool.

I have elementary/ middle school/ high school age students. What do you offer for this age child?

We offer a variety of social activities, enrichment events, and service projects as well as connections with local co-ops which offer a wide range of middle and high school classes.  Our Time-out group plans field trips and activities for elementary age children several times a year and our teen/tween group does monthly activities as well.  We provide a graduation and prom for your high school students.  Please see our newsletter or calendar for activities occurring this month.

Do you offer classes for K-6 students?

We are an area home school support group, and as such, we don’t offer classes.

Many home schoolers feel that kindergarten is too young to start formal classwork for education, and that the home is the best environment to begin academics. In fact, it is very reasonable to expect to spend about 30 minutes a day doing actual academic work with a kindergartner (letters, phonics, beginning math work, and handwriting). The majority of time would be spent with hands on, active learning, reading out loud and active play. A good book about early learning is Better Late Than Early, by Raymond Moore.

One advantage to joining FHE for you would be all of the outside activities you would be informed of in our newsletter. We have a monthly ‘Time Out’ group that meets with families of young children, field trips, art classes, PE classes and other activities that might interest you and your daughter.  Please see our resource list for more information on classes, co-ops, etc.

Do You offer Driver's Ed classes?

For Forsyth residents, the contact is We can only register Forsyth county students. We don’t want families to join and then can’t register their students.
For other counties try this link for other options.

I am a teacher and want to get plugged into the home school community. Can you help me?

Please send your information to by the 20th of the month and our newsletter editor will try to include it in the next issue.  Advertising charges may apply in some cases.

I need to add another child to my home school. Do I need to file anything with NCDNPE?

If you filed a Notice of Intent (NOI) with the NCDNPE to open a homeschool, you do not need to do anything else to add additional children to your school.  Your school will remain open until you notify them otherwise.  NOIs apply per school, not per student, so you only need to file once. The site is updated so if you WISH to list your students and age ranges, this will help the state plan for opportunities for specific ages like driver’s ed classes with local high schools. If perhaps, your mailing address or other contact information has changed, you can update that at, or call (919)733-4276 for more information.