***Warning, graphic content on this page. ***

By Katie Rose Geer

 I remember the exact moment that God called me to devote my entire life to serving those affected by abortion. My family and several other homeschool families went together to a theater to watch the pro-life drama, Unplanned. This film shook my heart and completely changed the way I view abortion. I can still recall the drenching horror I experienced while watching the abortion scene, in which the unborn child frantically swam away from the abortionist tools as it sucked apart her little limbs, one by one. Tears streamed down my face, and my heart seemed to lodge itself in my throat. I immediately felt an intense calling to join the pro-life moment, yet was unaware of the ways God would use me to change the lives of students across Forsyth County. 

Out of pure curiosity, I began to volunteer as a sidewalk counselor outside the abortion facility in Winston-Salem, which on average kills 30 unborn children weekly. Homeschooling has given me opportunities to fight for the unborn by ensuring a flexible schedule that allows me to talk with abortion minded women every Friday morning. I became addicted to this ministry and would often spend 2 to 3 days weekly talking to hurting mothers and fathers. God even used my sister and me to convince multiple young mothers to keep their babies and seek support and help from our local pregnancy care center. Despite all the wonders and miracles I experienced as a sidewalk counselor, I knew something was missing. 

Because of my desire to educate my community about the reality of abortion and the importance of pro-life students, I founded the first Students for Life chapter in Forsyth County. Forsyth Students for Life seeks to educate, recruit, train, and mobilize students to combat abortion and encourage others to make life-giving choices. We hold pro-life functions, fundraisers, informative lectures, and activism events. We are in a constant struggle to find students to join our group in prayer outside the abortion facility on Friday mornings. Our goal is to raise an army of life-affirming families and students to stand with us against abortion. We should never be allowed to sacrifice our children on the altar of convenience, yet over 50 million children are aborted each year for that reason. These children depend on us. They need us to stand up for them and to be their voices.

Over 1/3 of my generation is dead because of abortion. Planned Parenthood is targeting my peers and profiting off our bodies and the lives of our dead children. Abortion is our issue. It affects each of us directly. As students we must stand up against this atrocity! This looks like having that difficult conversation with your family member or friend, praying outside abortion facilities, or encouraging others to choose life even at the risk of your own social standing.

Forsyth Students for Life is for middle school, high school, and college pro-life students who wish to join us in our fight for the unborn and hurting families. For information about joining our group outside the Planned Parenthood facility on Friday mornings, please email us at forsythcosfl@gmail.com. Check out our website, forsythsfl.org, and our Instagram and Facebook account @forsythstudentsforlife to stay updated on our upcoming events. Join the movement!

Together we will abolish abortion!