Frequently Asked Questions

What is public and what is private?

The announcement forum, sports pages, and homeschooling guides are public.  While the calendar is visible to guest, most of the events on it are private.  All the other homeschool-related and off-topic forum boards, and the newsletters and directory, are only available to members with a current subscription.

How do I get ID cards?

“Why didn’t I get an ID card?” “Why do I have to pay to have ID cards mailed to me?” “Why wasn’t my picture on my ID card?” “What do I need to do to get an ID card?” “A cutoff date – why?” These are just a few of the questions we get about the photo IDs. FHE will provide a photo ID card for our members “on a limited time basis” if the information is provided before the cutoff date. Our volunteers are very busy people – usually helping to host and/or support multiple events and resources for homeschoolers in our area, being involved in activities at their church, taking care of their families and homeschooling their children.

Having a deadline helps make the process run smoothly. ID cards are only processed if they are requested, (you must request them) and all of the information needed for the IDs is received, and the $3 mailing fee has been paid if you are not attending an event where IDs will be distributed. It costs $3 per family to purchase the padded envelope and mail it. FHE would prefer to hand out the IDs at events, but in years past, many IDs would be made that were never picked up. That resulted in wasted time doing the layout and preparing the IDs as well as the money that was wasted on ink, paper and laminating sleeves.

If your family would like ID cards for the 2014-2015 school year (which we would be happy to provide for you), please RENEW your membership online and submit the following to : School name, first and last names of the parents/students who will receive ID cards, and an individual photo of each person.

If you send the photos together, it is a tremendous help if you “name” each photo with the first and last name of that person. If you email them separately, please include the name of your school in each email. Please send the $3 mailing fee (per family) and include the names so we can be sure to include all of the IDs for your household when we mail them. Checks should go to FHE IDs, c/o Amy McKenzie 125 Stonburg Circle, Clemmons, NC 27012. We will again have a cutoff date of October 1 for submitting requests for IDs. Order yours early so you don’t forget!

I want FHE membership but don’t want to signup online.  How can I do this?

First, we strongly recommend signing up online – it is the best and more convenient way to get the online newsletter, plus all the calendar events, etc.  However, you can mail a request for a membership form to our PO box. See the Contact Us page.

How do I post an event?

Please read this forum topic:  You must have an active FHE membership to view or create events.

Can I create repeating events?

Unfortunately not.  Either manually link multiple events to the calendar (by clicking “Link To Calendar” at the bottom of a thread), or create occasional events to remind people (e.g., a notification of the first meeting of each month).

How do I get the newsletter?

First login, then find the menu item titled “Your Membership” (or click here).  In the “Active Resources” section, click on the newsletter you want.  Old newsletters are kept in zip files (and a few past newsletters are missing).

What is the publishing schedule for the newsletter?

The newsletter is published for 10 months, from August to May.

I’m a coach or have sports information I want on the site.  Who do I contact?

Please send a message to the webmaster via the Contact Us page. Copy the sports email as well.

Why am I able to access the forums but still see the “Login” button?

Our membership software sometimes logs people out before the forum software. We are looking into possible fixes.